Hi, all!

This email has two purposes: first, to verify that emailing from the web-site system has been fixed. If you're reading this, then the test worked and we're back in business. If you don't receive this, please contact me immediately ;-).

The other reason is to provide notes from our meeting on the 4th. It was a good meeting with lots of questions, answers, ideas and just sitting around yammering. If you couldn't make it, we missed you. On with the notes!

1) Someone fix the dang Joomla system's email! [DONE]

2) Thom will compile a list of local metals vendors, including new ones mentioned in the meeting, including: Online Metals, Metals Supermarket, Everett Steel, NW Pipe & Steel, and McMaster-Carr. If you have any additional metals vendors local to you, that you have found good to work with (important!), please let us know.

3) We had a talk about edge-finders, and "wigglers", which are not actually a type of bait worm. At the next meeting, let's have a group conversation with props on how you find edges, or in other ways "set X0Y0". Please bring with you, or bring a picture of, or even maybe a drawing of how you use it, how you solved the material registration problem. I use a fold-down dial indicator to measure along the piece, and electronic edge finders. Others use precision-located pin holes to define the edge, or some other means. Bring what you like, or even what's driven you crazy and proved a failure.

4) A couple days ago, I discovered some tools in Fusion that allow for static stress analysis in structures. Totally mechanical-engineering geek stuff. I thought I'd run my current design (if you were on FB, you'd know what it is ;-) ) through that and see just how bad my design is :D. That's on tap for the next meeting, so that should be fun.

Action items:

Paul Fison committed to finding a moderately-sized LCD screen that we can use during the meetings, and to find a way to have it up high for visibility, but easily put away to avoid breakage. This will be a club asset, not the store's, but we're sharing their space, so they can share our monitor if they need it for their demos. Fair's fair, right?

One longtime member with white hair, whose name totally escapes me (many apologies!), who owns a Legacy Arty machine, said he'd contact the Legacy company's local representative and see if we can't get a club-wide demo. Most likely it would be outside normal meeting time, but if we can swing the full meeting to their facility (they don't sell through retail was the estimation), that would be a great field trip.

Standing Agenda items;

Show and tell this month was, well, "informational" on multiple levels. If you were there, you catch my drift ;-).

Food this month, graciously provided by our Rockler sponsor store, was some tasty Domino's pizza. A nice change-up from the food trays, and in whatever form, always greatly appreciated! Thanks again for your hospitality, Robert!

Well, that's about it for this month. Hopefully there will be more-regular, and more-frequent communications in the future, now that the Joomla system is actually running and transmitting, we'll use this mode a bit more. Why? Yes, to accommodate you members who steadfastly avoid the smallpox of our time: Facebook. ;-)


Thom Randolph

You can find us, including sample files and lots more on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/PNWCNC. Please happen on by and sign up. Yes, even if you don't like--even abhor!--Facebook. Too bad; it's the best and most available way to share information among dispersed groups like our own. Just because something isn't perfect doesn't mean it has no value. Most of us would be taken out to that proverbial pasture if that was the rule of the day! So c'mon...it's not that bad, and the benefits are great. And yes, I will harp on this until you all move off this silly old-school site :P.